A step forward
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
The Master in Quantitative Economic Analysis is an official UAM master's degree that offers comprehensive, quality training geared towards professional and research practice in the field of quantitative economic analysis. The objective of the master's program is to train professionals from the Spanish or European public economic administration, international organizations and economic research departments. In addition, the master's degree provides access to the PhD program in Economics and Business for those students who wish to pursue an academic and research career.


The new program tries to cover a gap in the current panorama, by combining the most classic training of a standard program in economic analysis with a strategic attention in the knowledge and application of the new paradigms of data analysis, related to the field of big data and the processes of machine learning applied to economic and financial problems. The program gives a remarkable importance to the quantitative approaches currently applied by most institutions focused on macro and microeconomic analysis.

The Master in Quantitative Economic Analysis is aimed primarily, but not only, at students with a Degree in Economics, Business Administration, Economics and Finance and other related fields. The design of the Master's Degree can also be attractive for graduates from other areas with strong analytical content, such as Engineering, Physics or Mathematics, who want to develop their academic or professional careers in the field of economic analysis.

Upon completion of the master, students are expected to find work as quantitative economic analysts in the Spanish and European public administrations, in international organizations or in research departments of private firms and institutions. As an alternative, students wishing to pursue an academic career may access the doctoral program in Economics and Business.

The program has a markedly quantitative character, seeking to train professionals who are in high demand and who know how to operate with ease in the field of quantitative economic activity. The origin of the students, in many cases international, and the international profile of many of the professional internships that can be obtained, make the Master's program a springboard to the labor market, not only in Spain but also internationally. The program is bilingual, with all subjects taught in English.

The students of the master may apply for a UAM scholarship that promotes research in master studies (400 €/month for 11 months and full exemption of tuition fees). The granting decision is based on applicants’ academic records. Successful students carry out research under the supervision of a university professor. All information about the call and requirements can be found here.


For more information about the Master you can contact us at coordinador.master.quea@uam.es